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The Life Doesn’t Offer Any Lifeline

I do believe that I’m blessed. Well, I’m not a man of means, I still do struggle to pull off all my desires and wishes. People follow the different phenomena about living a good life. Whatever they have been doing, it’s temporary for a specific interval. Actually, there are two practices that prevail as follow:

  • A person who believes to have a good job with a generous salary so that person can invest for dinning-out, shopping, and traveling.
  • A person who strives to move abroad believing that the new country is waiting for him/her anxiously. Again! For the sake of a good job, handsome salary package, and comfort of a developed country.

As I see it, both practices are worthless, How? The people from both practices are doing a tough job, of course, to earn a good salary by the end of the month. They work for 8-10 hours regularly (From Morning to Evening) at their workplace. Afterward, if they’re married, then there must be some more family responsibilities are expected at home. Eventually, at night when it’s supposed to have a calm sleep, but No, they would sleep with the stress about waking up early in the next morning, approaching the office on time, reporting/answering to the boss, and if they have pessimistic colleagues then I really share my sympathy.

As far as concerned about those, who’ve migrated abroad in search of a happy life, Not everyone is so far lucky enough. Most of them think that living in abroad is an ideal life. Although, the working conditions are more difficult there, and how much time you require to explore the beauty of that developed country 6 months, 1 year or 3 years obviously not the whole life. What then? Usually, they keep reserve a month in a year for resting in virtue of tours and travels. Sound like, they are forfeiting 16 hours of a day (except 8 hours of sleep) and 335 days of a year to get relief of rest 35 days by traveling or touring somewhere.

From my personal perspective, I’ll not go with either option from above, not everything is favorable for me. I do my own business, I’ve to rush at my work, I feel stressed too. But when I say, I am blessed, it’s because of the following reasons:

  • I do eat whatever and whenever  I want.
  • I do buy whatever I like, even if something is prohibitive, then I don’t need to make a cut on my budget. Instead, I can perform more work to secure more amount.
  • I’m not answerable to anyone and not letting anyone to affront me.
  • Most important! I sleep with complete rest and dreams.

By the way, this liberty in my life is not temporary, I feel it every day. I do enjoy my traveling trips too, moreover, the credit of my work goes to me, not to someone else. I’m not saying the people who do jobs or live in abroad are wrong. But Are they really happy in doing jobs or living abroad? I’ve been failing in my academic journey, but in my professional life. I’ve been watching people from the recent generation are more intelligent than me but why they don’t choose the right path? This is something that everyone needs to think twice before to stepping ahead in the danger zone.

– By Aleem Ahmed Qureshi

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