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The Crux of My Life!

The title of this article brings to light some questions that are consistently being asked by me, as follows:

Why do you name Arfa too much?
Why don’t you quit serving for Arfa Karim Foundation?
Why don’t you focus on yourself to be you?
Why you’re traveling to Lahore again and again?
And so many why, why, why…..

The one-word answer to all these questions is “I’m scared”. I have asked the same series of questions to myself too. After a comprehensive review of my life reminiscence, I stumbled upon some cathartic repercussions within myself. Some of my closest people call me “Abnormal” in the sense that they think I am an obstinate person. Somehow it’s true because I don’t believe to comprise my journey in virtue of unjustified social and traditional norms.

Back in 2016, I was actually surrounded by failures, deficits, daemons, faux associations, lack of interest, etc. After the trials and tribulations of my life, for the first time, I heard the name “ARFA” that you always catch in my conversation. From this point onwards. I got healed in my life, continues financial benefits, an exploration of life, and have an association with some great people. It doesn’t sound practical, but this is my belief that never fails.

Don’t take my words wrong, it’s the belief that I put for myself (Self-Confidence) but referring to “Arfa” as a point of convergence between me and my success. Today, despite having workload and concern, I’m still not quitting this belief and journey with “Arfa & Arfa Karim Foundation” because I’m scared that I’ll lose everything that I’ve been getting through it. Furthermore, this is something belief, spirituality, or better half that also protects me from being delinquent, and today! I am devoted to myself.

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