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Essense of Arfa

Unlike writing with general ethos, I usually take a peek at something or someone that is beyond belief. The overall life of “Arfa Karim” was exceptional,  I often regret the absence of “Arfa Karim”. Although I’m getting divine support in her advocacy, I had already written about that in my previous blog “Arfa My Savior”. May, I can’t exemplify the exact persona of “Arfa”, perhaps I would like to reveal her soulmate. It’s someone who not only holds the same biological genes as “Arfa” but this person is a new lease of “Arfa’s” life. It’s Dawood Karim (The youngest brother of “Arfa Karim”).

I’ve been observing him since he was in school. It’s been 3 years and he has shifted to university for further study. But honestly speaking, As he’s up in years now, I found him more adorable (one in a million). Let’s have a look at some cases that will validate my observations about him and you’ll feel an absolute sense of Arfa in her brother persona. At my first interaction with him, He was so silent in words, but his gesture, especially eye contact was enough to respond with gratitude. Whenever I ask or discuss something with him, He probably comes back with just 2-3 words and I feel curious to intuit how It becomes admissible for me. No counters, No objections, No irrelevancy. Astounded! I mean, I never thought that it could be so simple to convince someone’s in just 2-3 words contrary to own arena. No doubt, There’s God blessing upon him too, just like Arfa. Before concluding the reason, let me share two more kind gestures by him in my last meeting.

We had a huddle of family and friends in the lobby, after a while, each one was about to leave the place and only 2 persons had stayed behind in that lobby me and brother of “Arfa” – Dawood Karim. I was still there on that spot waiting for my cup of tea, similarly, Dawood Karim also stood there beside me. At first, I thought he should have a reason to stay there, but as 15 or more minutes had elapsed, I had to ask “Dawood – Are you waiting for something?” He said! No, I’m just here….. I was shocked to know that he’s basically staying there to attend me, however, it was not my first interaction with him now.

Then, after a couple of days, when I was waiting for a cab to leave his house. Again, he was there to host me and after a short gossip, He asked! Why don’t you eat something before leaving? I replied: No, Thanks. The cab is on its way and I am not feeling hungry… Almost 10 minutes were passed and I got the notification that the cab is canceled and another cab will come in a little more time. As usual, this boy was still nearby to me, so I had told him about this delay. Here’s the virtue comes again! When he politely said: Cab is late… “Think Again! – Still, You Don’t Want to Eat?”

Seriously, the height of hospitality. I can just state words here, but not actions and expressions. At least, I have never seen a generous person like him in my 30 years of life except “Arfa” that’s why I’m calling him the “Sense of Arfa”.




I do acknowledge that some people try to give their best hospitality and reception (extraordinarily), I personally do my best too. But most of us do it for a reason like To make someone happy, in pursuing the order of someone, or In honor of someone (notable or worthy person). But He’s the guy, who doesn’t discriminate, He treats everyone equivalently with a pure and kind heart. It seems like, It’s his job or true self, carried through his parents moreover by Arfa Karim.


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