Control Your Mind Lest It Control You (Part-1)

Are you mentally stressed, tensed, exhausted, frustrated? People call you psycho? Are you thinking about suicide?

Wait for a moment, I’m trying to ascertain the facts about this problem that I’ve, you’ve and many others have. Because you’re not the only one who has these such issues, many people are having similar issues and most of them are afraid to discuss this with others.

Try to answer the following questions in “Yes” or “No”:

  • Do you want to leave alone?
  • Don’t you trust other people?
  • Do you love someone and worry about him/her a lot?
  • Do you think too much?
  • Are you anxious or afraid?
  • Do you have enemies?
  • Do you have a new issue in each new day, that make you upset?
  • When some people are talking with each other outside of your place, do you feel like they are talking about you?
  • Are you retiring boy or girl?
  • Do you think, there’s any conspiracy against you?
  • Do you think is there any black magic, evil, or any negative power that prevents you to moving on with your life?
  • Do you have bad nightmares?
  • Is there something in your mind for which you’re not sure whether is this reality or not?


Alright, continue to read, if you got an answer with “Yes” against of the following question I asked above. Let me tell you first, I am not a psychiatrist and I’m not going to suggest you the same solutions that you usually hear from a psychiatrist like:


  • You need to travel or outing
  • You need a good gathering
  • Keep busy yourself with work
  • Think positively or blah blah…


Why not? It’s because I believe you can’t eliminate these issues until you’re prepared for this mentally. Also, understand these such issues were not born in yourself in one or two days. It’s been a long time since these issues were taking place inside you that’s why it is also not going to leave you in one or two days, it will take some time depending on your strength. I am going to write a series of articles on this topic, this article is the first one of that series and each article will help to get back in normal life.


Go back a little into your past and think what was running through your mind a day or a week, ago that upset you and now what is running today in your mind that’s stressing you. What I am trying to say here every day you get a new issue that upset you and each new issue replaces the last one. Like yesterday, I was worried to think about “my exam result” but today I am worried to think about “my financial issues”. I’ve ignored or aside yesterday’s issue and now I’m giving my all attention to the current issue for today.

If these such issues are the reason to call you a psycho patient, then I believe the entire world is psycho because somehow every person has at least one similar kind of issue that we discussed above. Although I described only a few factors, while according to the professional psychiatrists, there’re many little factors those supposed to be lying in mental issues. Like: “if you’re using a mobile phone a lot then it is an issue of mental state”.

Let’s now pass on to the positive things:

Not every comment people pass to you, should be considered in a negative context, Find some good and positive aspects like:

  • Do you think a lot? If yes, then it shows you have a creative mindset.
  • Do you talk to yourself? If yes, then you’re an interesting kind of person.
  • Are you worried about someone? If yes, then you do true love with him/her.

The only thing that goes wrong with you is sometimes you lose control over your mind. It looks like your mind controlling you and you’re accepting every bullshit, it says to you. So, start out to get back your peace of mind with the commitment that you’ve enough strength to control your mind. This topic is so wide and I’ll write more about this. Hope it will help you and once a day you’ll be able to fix all the issues yourself.

By Aleem Ahmed Qureshi  |   Submitted On December 05, 2017

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