Mission Yellow Forest

Considering unpretentious shiftings in my life and belief system in recent times. I’ve shuffled around my priorities and needs, It’s been onerous for most of my decision. But, the time demands “Now or Never”. Therefore, I have orchestrated a new purpose of life with latest earmark to be done. I’m calling this “MISSION YELLOW FOREST FOR 2022”.

Beyond this mission the predominant switch in my life is to keep my profession first and put off my personal life journeys for later stages. I never committed anything like this before because I was feeling “Okay” from my holding situation.  Yet, it’s an essential for me, because my future endeavors are not supposed to be an average. I’m not pulling myself for any competition, but after being evaluated in the nature provocations where I believe that I’ve dealt successfully in my individual capacity. Now, it’s time to stimulate my professional capabilities. 

These are the following practices, I’ll surely follow in “MISSION YELLOW FOREST”:

  • Don’t think anything to do later, once I’ll get something in mind just start working on it.
  • Eliminate all dependencies, and generate more resources.
  • Less shell out for unnecessary stuff and bring in more income marked target of 2 million/month.
  • Hang around moral and motivational supports.
  • No use of cell phone before sleep and just after waking up.
  • No Arguing – No Excuses.
  • Effective time management – feasible, but productive.
  • Pile up more national & international exposures.
  • No worries for anyone – against anyone. 
  • Start reading & writing as professional hobby.
  • Heading off to new places.
  • Speak with genuine words (only when require)
  • Speak with grace and hold politeness.

In regard of the first principal (described above), I’ll not wait for 2022, instead all practices have already compiled from now. I don’t say that I would successfully go along with all such practices, but I can try & try, eventually the end result will favor me.


“MISSION YELLOW FOREST 2022” is something like: A passage out from a bus where many more passengers were traveling beside me, and getting into my personal car with my favorite people, but steering of the car will remain in my control.