Web Developer

I've spent most of my time with web-development and till this moment. I've developed 20+ websites using advanced UI languages including (bootstrap, ajax, jquery, html5, Js) while at backend, I am experienced with PHP and its MVC such as "codeigniter" and CMS like "Wordpress"  frameworks.

Software/App Developer

In conventional software development I selected Java to begin my software work including many of its frameworks, and this same language also took me towards Android Apps development. The best part of my work with Java is along with automation. My last 2- years work was all about web automation using Java.

Article/Content Writer

Very earlier, but it was the source of my first income that I got through my writing work on some forums as an article writer. Although currently, this is an optional work for me, but I am used to write on "Ezine" to express my views about general topics. I love to write because it gives me an opportunity to learn about new stuff.

My Accomplished Projects

Unlike others, I don't believe to write about many expertise. I only wrote what I know and my projects prove this.

My Reputation on StackOverFlow (Best Developers Community):

My Pro & Cons

I would like to talk about my good and bad also.

My Good!

I'm so much caring with my people although, I allow very few people in my life and they are my best people. I respect what others advice me but I'm not able to change myself as they wish.

My Bad!

My aplogies, but I'm not ready to own some social/culture standards and saying. Another bad of me is that I'm very poor to follow time and strict deadlines.

My Favorite

My favorite personality is my sister, if you know her then you know me enough, because she’s pretty much like me, it sounds more interesting when both of us have same the date of birth (21-January). Although she’s my elder sister and most experienced women working in “Supreme Court of Pakistan” in researching depart. I am very inspired by her views and the way of life and obviously her advice’s that help me to improve myself.

The reason, I follow her is she always willing to understand me and others also. She always motivates me against my struggle and achievements while she also likes the people who motivate her. She’s so caring and I would always be like to have her guidance. An interesting part of our relationship is that I sacrificed the most loving/pleasing personality of my life when my sister was going through an upset of her personal life and she sacrificed herself to rescue my relation by making distance with me, which I didn’t accept.


As I grew up, one of my strongest allies has been my sister.  -Patti Smith

My Skills